What is a guaranteed house sale all about? Have you ever wondered if you should sell first or buy your next home first. Let us know you’re up for it and we’d be happy to discuss the details.

Hi, I’m Jenna,

If you want to sell your home, why wouldn’t you go with someone that is confident enough to guarantee results?
With 30 years experience, Rob Johnstone knows that he can sell your home and he guarantees it.

Really when you think about it, you can use anyone to list your home. So why go with just anyone?

The way it works is that if Rob doesn’t find you a buyer within 90 days, your home will automatically be sold. Yes, automatically! On day 91 the guarantee kicks in and your home is sold. It’s that simple.

Now keep in mind that there are some conditions. For example if your home is worth 500,000 dollars, you won’t get 1 million.
And of course, a guarantee is only worthwhile if you can rely on it. Unlike other realtors, Rob is qualified to be fully backed by Re/Max Mountain View. With two Calgary offices and over 100 realtors, it is one of Calgary’s most well established Re/Max offices. So you can rest assured that your guarantee will be there when you need it.

Really, nothing is hidden and there’s no bait and switch. When you put Rob to work, you will have all of his experience and market knowledge working for you. You will not be shuffled off to a trainee or less competent realtor. Rob will cover every detail with you and you move ahead only when you are completely comfortable.

So partner with the Calgary agent that I would, Rob Johnstone. It’s easy to find out more. Take the first step and click the link.