About Rob

About Rob Johnstone
“All I can strive to be is the absolute best possible version of myself.”
We can help you with every aspect of buying or selling your home because we’re experienced, professional, and we care.
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We attribute our success to hard work, satisfied customers, and a dedication to be the best that we can be. A personal commitment to continuing education within our field ensures taking the guesswork out of buying or selling your home. So if you are ready, by choosing Calgary Home Pros as your Realtor, you will have the benefit of experience and dedication on your side.

Rob Johnstone is a Calgary Realtor, with 30 years experience. He has evaluated thousands of homes, and is an expert in Calgary home sales and Calgary condo sales. Rob can evaluate your homes value by email, or by appointment in your home. With both types of evaluation, you are under no obligation – we are simply available to assist you when you come to the decision to sell.

During a home evaluation, we will compare your home or condo with similar Calgary homes for sale, and determine what your home could sell for in todays market. You can click here to find out how much your Calgary home is worth with a Free Home Evaluation. With over twenty years experience as a Calgary Real Estate Agent, Rob knows which competing Calgary MLS listings will affect the price of your home.

Rob is a graduate of many sales & marketing programs as well as industry specific seminars and courses including:

“Systems Planning” Walter Sanford Systems
“Sales Masters” Floyd Wickman
“Fundamentals of Real Estate”
“Investment and Taxation” C.C.I.M. C-401
“Advance Selling” Brian Tracy
“How to Master the Art of Selling” Tom Hopkins
“Mastery of the Game of Selling” David Knox
“Star Power Exchange” Howard Brinton
“Sales Strategies” Mike Ferry
“Power Marketing” Hobbs Herder Advertising
“7 Steps to Successful Selling” Turning Point Programs
“Successful Negotiating” & “Time Management” America Management Assoc.
“Registered Relocation Specialist” Re/Max International Relocation
“Condo Facts I & II” Condominium Support Services
Weekly Legal and Industry current issue sessions.
Registered Relocation Specialist (RRS) The R.R.S. designation is the only specialized relocation course available to Canadian Realtors. As a buyer, it ensures that your Realtor understands what you and your family are going through. As a seller, you will know that your Realtor is tapped into a vast corporate relocation network giving you every advantage.

The majority of Real Estate transactions take place with the assistance of a Calgary Real Estate agent, and for good reason. Working with a professional Real Estate agent is the most efficient means of shopping for a Calgary home and can help make the home-buying process an easy, hassle-free experience. Rob Johnstone will help you assess your wants and needs to find the perfect match between what you can afford and the home that best suits your preferences.

Committing to working with a Calgary Realtor is usually the best. There are several reasons for this: firstly, it will save you time and frustration. 90% of the homes for sale in Calgary are available through the Calgary Real Estate Board; most Calgary Realtors have access to this information. By working with several Realtors, you will be covering the same ground several times and because one Calgary Realtor will not know all the homes that you have seen, you will have multiple appointments at the same properties. The second benefit to showing loyalty to one Realtor is that your Calgary Realtor will begin to know your personal style and tastes and will then be qualified to sort out homes that will not interest you.

“For Sale” signs and newspaper ads are not always a true reflection of everything that is on the market. By networking with fellow Calgary Realtors often, homes are sold before the general public is aware. Synergy is one of the benefits of working with the top real estate company in Canada. By taking advantage of the networking within Re/Max, Rob has oftentimes sold homes before they are exposed to the general market.

Once you have found your home, Rob will discuss the different approaches to constructing the transaction in order to best protect and benefit you. Next comes the time to put it all in paper by writing an Offer to Purchase contract. Then the Offer is presented to the Home Sellers. With 30 years of experience and several negotiating courses behind him, Rob will go to work for you to arrange your best possible price and terms. The real estate costs you no more than that of  a Realtor that has been recently licensed. It really is “Buyer Beware” because in Alberta, a Realtor can moonlight part-time as a Realtor and does not have to disclose to you that he/she is not a full-time professional. Be careful that you are educated on who is working for you.

A professional agent works for you and respects your opinions. He or she will not try and force you into buying a home that you are not entirely comfortable with. Rob strongly believes that his job is to supply you with the information you need to make your own decision.

Real estate laws have become increasingly complicated and ever changing. Rob keeps up-to-date with weekly sessions with an attorney.
Rob’s services are absolutely free to you as a buyer; commission is paid by the Seller.

Rob Johnstone – Calgary Home Pros
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